Ally Containment : Life

Pros Good looks. Comfortable. Secret laptop compartment. Ton O' Storage.
Cons Built-in laptop sleeve is VERY tight on my Powerbook. Kinda a hassel to get the damn thing in also.
Retail Price : $139.00

Ally Containment Company : Life Review

I don’t know where to begin this review. This backpack from Ally Containment Company is an absolute engineering wonder. I neve, in a million years, beleived a company copuld put so many pockets and compartments in a single bag and still have it look good! After two weeks I am still not sure I discovered them all. But they are integrated perfectly. My god there is alot of storage in this backpack.

The sides of this backpack is made out of some molded material from outerspace as far as I can see. There is also some heavy weight military grade ballistic nylon. The laptop sleeve is built-in and is constructed out of neoprene. Inside the backpack it’s all red nylon. Look, let’s cut to the’s built like Anna Nichole Smith.

The laptop compartment has a built-in neoprene sleeve that holds the computer. Thank God it was neoprene. My Powerbook was a TIGHT fit. If not for the fact that neprene stretches, it would not have fit. Getting the laptop in the compartment and the sleeve is a bit tricky. I would suggest 1-2 m ore inches at the opening would help that. Once in the sleeve, it’s as snug as a flea on a hound dog. A for the rest of the contents let’s cut to the chase...they are protected like Britany Spears’ that won’t work. Everything is well protected.

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Organizational Features
There is no way in hell I am going to describe all of the pockets, compartments and their locations. I would be here till the cows came home, again. Let’s just say if you need to carry it there is a place to put it. There are easily 25-35 storage areas. Most are well hidden including the laptop compartment. I actually had to search for it for 3-5 minutes and I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the backpack arena considering all the ones I have reviewed. But damn it’s is well hidden. There is a built in cell phone holder!!

With all my gear in it and more this backpack was surprisingly comfortable. I had alot of weight and it worked well. There is a sterenum strap and a waist strap. One note: If you don’t use either of these straps they each have a little area where they can be tucked away so they are not visible ot in the way until you need them. Very Cool. A couple of other straps hide away also.

Our sample was silver, black and red (Hmmm. Is this a trend?). It is not too over done however I have mixed feelings on the molded material from outerspace look, but hey, it still got an 8.5.

Ally Containment Co.
719 Swift Street, No. 9
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Review Rating

Construction 8.0
Comfort 8.5
Organizational Features 9.5
Protection 7.5
Aesthetics 8.5