Boblbe-e : Megalopolis

Pros Unparalleled protection from outside forces. Top-of-the-line comfort. Very urban edgy looks. Phone and Sunglasses pouches.
Cons Organization features need boosting. Laptop compartment needs to be re-designed. More comprehensive instruction manual.
Retail Price : $199.00

Boblbe-e : Megalopolis Backpack Review

I had seen the Megalopolis used in fashion spreads, “what’s hot” sections, etc. and really wanted to see what they were about. I looks like it stepped out of the Matrix or Blade Runner. It is the most unique backpack I think I have ever seen. I also think it is one of the most versatile.

The backpack is made up of primarily two different materials: ABS/acrylic and military grade nylon for the back. This is going to be one review that relies on the photos to help with the description. The review sample had a silver (sweeeet) hard shell and black everything else.

From my list I could carry #1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11. Not bad but I missed my CD-ROMs and camera.

The main compartment is made up of the ABS/acrylic shell and is attached to the back using nylon “bellows”. The shell actually tilts out toward the user about 5-7 inches. Pretty cool. Inside there is an insert that has pockets for CD-ROMs, floppies (?), and other small things. Behind this insert (which is attached) is the area Boblbe-e says is for a laptop. I have a Powerbook G4 that is 1” thick and it seemed to be kinda tight. especially toward the bottom. The material in the pocket area is nylon and it actually rubbed some of the paint off the G4. I think the whole laptop compartment needs to be rethought. I ended up putting the Powerbook in a Spire USA sleeve and putting that in the compartment. It was really tight but work well enough. At least I didn’t feel the laptop was being compromised. I am sure there are thinner slip covers for the titanium and these would probably work better. I, however, fell that if I pay $199.00 I want to be sure the laptop is safe. A simple neoprene sling here would help or lining it with something softer...or..Boblbee comes out with a sleeve. There. Solved.

The area provided for CD’s floppies, etc. also doesn’t work real well. After I put my Visor Edge in one pocket and the ZIP250 beside it, I couldn't add anything else because the other pockets were too tight to get stuff in them.

The outside of the “shell” has slits to run a strap through that can be adapted to carry basketballs, shoes, in-line skates, a cat, all sorts of things. there are two ways to thread it and each offers a different kind of holding ability.

The perception is that the Megalopolis is heavy and it may well be, but it is so comfortable to wear you don’t realize it. This is the most comfortable backpack I have tested. Period. The lumbar support was wonderful, the adjustment option for the various straps were great. It just felt damn good to have on. The shoulder straps adjust several different ways for a customized fit and Boblbe-e even gives an outside mobile phone pouch that attaches to the shoulder strap. Whhooooweee. You know how I like that. They even give another one for sunglasses! Double whhooooweee!

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very versatile backpack. Actually it is more like a backpack system. There are numerous accessories that can be added on. Things like, a water bottle holder, mini disc pouch for the shoulder strap, inside organizer, a mesh net for the outside, extra add on pockets, etc.

Let me sum this up ‘cause this could go on for several more pages. This is a WAY COOL backpack that offers the most protection short of a military tank. It is very comfortable and has allot of organizational feature. My two complaints is the laptop area and, get this, the instruction manual needs to be more informative. Yes you need an instruction manual to operate this backpack.

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PO Box 86
Litorinavagen 19D

Review Rating

Construction 9.5
Comfort 10
Organizational Features 7.0
Protection 10
Aesthetics 10