Tom Bihn : Brain Backpac

Pros HUGE amounts of room. Great protection and top-of-the-line construction. Great shoulder straps.
Cons All that rooms adds weight and the bags seems heavy. The overall look of the bags (color) could be a bit hipper. The physical size of the bag will exclude many smaller users. No outside mobile phone access (I am soooo tired of saying that).
Retail Price : $130.00

Tom Bihn : Brain Backpack Review

After we reviewed the G4 Eclipse from Tom Bihn,we were so impressed that we wanted to review something else from them. A quick call and the Brain Bag arrived shortly at our doorstep. Tom Bihn bills this as the “ultimate, on-your-back, student or business organizer”. By golly I believe it! Really this is a complete mobile office solution. Rarely have I seen so many pocket and compartments, the Targus Deluxe Sport Backpack aside. Of course the Brain Bag was done better than the Targus.

I was able to carry my full list PLUS a Cannon 1200 USB powered scanner.

On the front of the backpack there are three zippered compartments and a mesh pocket for a drink bottle. Inside the two lower compartments are smaller pockets to help organize and separate. I guess if they lifted and separated it would be called the Boob Bag. Anyway, the top pocket is where I carried my Visor Prism (which is for sale if your interested) and headphones.

The front compartments, as it damn well should be, a big open space to load stuff in. Books. Magazines. A Canon 1200 USB powered scanner. Yes there is that much room. There are snaps in here to snap in an accessory that Tom Bihn produces. They were nice enough to send me their Freudian Slip which I used in here and this really help in the organization! Again...Complete Mobile Office Solution (CMOS).

The compartment for the laptop is actually made for their Lapdog but I was told that allot of people were using the G4 Eclipse. I wasn’t real clear on why this is the case. Either you need the Eclipse or you need the room of a backpack. But to put the eclipse IN the Brain Bag is kinda silly. Not only was it silly it made the Brain Bag heavy. And I mean heavy. At least my perception was that it was heavy. Maybe it was my perception my shoulders hurt also. However, this compartment provided ample storage and great laptop protection.

The Brain Bag is the Suburban SUV of laptop backpacks. You can carry 7 kids, a dog, and three floaties for the pool in it. No, really, it has huge amounts of room, great protection, and great organizational features, especially with the Freudian Slip.

If you purchase a Brain Bag, forget the Eclipse, get the Lapdog, which I assume is lighter, and spare your back.

Tom Bihn
108 West First Street
Port Angeles, Washington
98362 USA.

Review Rating

Construction 9.0
Comfort 8.5
Organizational Features 9.5
Protection 9.0
Aesthetics 8.5

Video Review of Tom Binh Brain Bag by Chase Reeves