Brenthaven : Mobility 1

Pros $79.00 for a Brenthaven is something’ else. Mobile phone access on outside of bag. Cute little thing. Lightweight.
Cons Those colors. Not room for anything much more that the iBook. Construction is...well...a not expected. Could be heavier material.

Brenthaven : Mobility 1 » Bag Review

The first point to keep forefront in your mind when reading this review is that this bag was NEVER MEANT AS A BUSINESS CASE. This bag was designed for the home user. Not someone who carries their office around with them. In this scope, the bag is pretty much on target with both price and features. 

The bag has one closure method which is the standard messenger bag flap that folds over the front of the bag. This is held closed by one snap buckle. No velcro. There is a pocket that runs the full width of the back of the bag for papers, magazines (Thin ones. No Bridal Shopper here), etc. The pocket does utilize velcro. On the top there is a handle for, well, you know what that HANDle is for.

There are two pockets on either end of the bag for a mobile phone or whatever slams your shutters.
Under the flap are compartments for your pens, business cards, etc. A zippered pocket adds a small amount of extra storage behind your pens and stuff. A great place for your handheld computer.

laptop backpack review macbook

The main iBook compartment closes/opens with a heavy duty zipper. Inside here is the laptop “sleeve” and two auxiliary pockets. I say “sleeve’ because it looks like it is removable, but psych, it’s not. The iBook is kept in it’s sleeve by a velcro strap that goes over the top of the iBook and velcros in the from.

That’s it. The Mobility-1 is a lean, mean toten’ machine. I wish the handle were removable and I wish the color wasn’t royal blue. I think I had suit when I was five that was that color. White. Silver. Orange. Anything but that corporate banking color blue.

If you want more room check out the Mobility-2. We have plans to review that and the new Titanium-2 backpack.