Laptop Bags Made in U.S.A.
Giving in to the spirit of the Independence Day holiday weekend let’s take a look at laptop bags made in the USA. Have a safe and happy July 4th!

Brenthaven Pro / Duo 15
The Brenthaven Duo (also sold as the Brenthaven Pro) is a black backpack style laptop bag.

Getting you bag under…
With many US airlines now charging fees for checked baggage; more and more people are trying to carry more and more luggage on to flights.

Getting It Right… Phil Baker on Bag Warranties
if you are considering a purchase and the “lifetime warranty” is going to be worth the cost.

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Waterfield Suede Jacket for Moto Droid
Some of the cases that we here at Bag Review see rolling out for mobile devices add so much size and weight for the sake of “protection” that when in use make it so the device really isn’t that mobile anymore.

Laptop Bags Gone Pink!
Manufactureres offering pink laptop bags and cases in a variety of styles.

Booq Terralinq
I was browsing over at at the booq bag site today and discovered Terralinq.

Traveling Overnight with the Computer
While my current laptop bag is great (Brenthaven Pro) I find myself regularly on the look out for an overnight suitcase type bag that will hold my computer and some clothes.

Organizing the small stuff… (edcforums)
Forum discussion about smaller bags that go with your bag to sort out the smaller items.

Checkpoint friendly bags? Not so much.
Now that the TSA has issues guidelines for “checkpoint friendly” computer bags I thought we’d look around the web and try to gauge the public reaction.

TSA Approved Bags Arriving Shortly?
US Transportaion Security Administration (TSA) approved checkpoint friendly laptop cases so you do not have to remove the laptop from the bag.

Best Prices of the Year on Skooba Bags
Skooba Designs is running a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale now through Monday featuring 30% off.

Buyers Guide : Holiday Gifts under $25
If you are stuck trying to find a stocking stuffer or inexpensive present for someone who walks around with a laptop bag.