Traveling Overnight

Traveling Overnight with the Computer

Rachel Rachel Amber

While my current laptop bag is great (Brenthaven Pro) I find myself regularly on the look out for an overnight suitcase type bag that will hold my computer and some clothes. If you’re like me every couple of weeks someone asks you to go on a short trip; like overnight or just 2 days. You don’t need a lot of clothes; but you do need clothes and the toothbrush, razor, and all that. Sure, you can take a small suitcase and a computer bag but why? Who wants two bags if you are catching cab or walking through an airport to a plane? If I had something that could hold two changes of clothes and kit AND my computer; I’d be good to go.

Briggs & Riley 20" Computer Carry-on

Traveling Overnight

Lots of my luggage is by Samsonite. The only problem is that none of their stuff that I own or have seen is really great for moving anything AND my computer. I can put the computer in a thin case and put it in the bag but I don’t want to be opening the entire suitcase to get my laptop out. Good luggage though! I saw that Macys is having their annual New Year luggage salebut didn’t see anything special.

I have had my eye on a Briggs & Riley Baseline Computer Carry on (eBags). Briggs has intrigued me since I first hears about them a couple of years ago. You have to admire their warranty. You (or your airline) breaks the bag and they fix it for free. Forever. And the reviews of customers carrying clothes and a computer are great. the only problem is the Briggs bags are not covered by eBags coupons (the way they put things on sale).

Any readers have any ideas? The search continues.


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