What I Carry

Everyday things I have in my bag

Rachel Rachel

What I Carry
Here is what I carry with me on a daily basis. You may carry more (good lord) or less. My equipment list contains:

  • 1 - Powerbook G4
  • 2 - Visor Edge
  • 3 - ZIP USB 250
  • 4 - A ZIP 250 disk
  • 5 - A Swiss Army Multi-tool (hey, you never know)
  • 6 - 8-10 CD-ROMs (system disks for emergencies, a DVD movie or two, Quake, Marathon, etc.)
  • 7 - An HP Digital camera (again, you never know)
  • 8 - Mobile Phone
  • 9 - 3 cables (phone, HP camera cable, ZIP drive cable)
  • 10 - A Sony minidisc player or Sony CD player
  • 11 - Headphones
in my backpack

I actually use the products I review for at least a week, maybe more. I really do take them with me everywhere I go. As a result of this, there is normal wear and tear on the product. You should be aware of this when sending a product to be reviewed. I will be as careful as possible, but #*@! happens. I also carry general work materials for example file folders, maybe a software manual, that kind of thing but I try to keep that stuff to a minimum. Especially the books!