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Rachel Rachel Amber
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Manufacturer's Info

As was stated in the How I Review section, I actually use the products I review for at least a week, maybe more. I really do take them with me everywhere I go. As a result of this, there is normal wear and tear on the product. You should be aware of this when sending a product to be reviewed. I will be as careful as possible, but #*@! happens.

I do after all have three kids. And two cats.

Also, I request that some arrangements are made for return shipping. Bag Review does not yet sell advertising hence, at the moment, we are nonprofit. And I don't mean like the United Way. With the number of products we hope to review, we would be another dot-com casualty if we had to pay return shipping for all the stuff we review. My suggestion is after the review is finished, if the product is needed back, then issue a UPS call tag. I will package it in the original container (if available) and have it ready. If return shipping arrangements have not been made 1 week after posting the review to we will adopt the product, love the product and use the product as if it were our own since it will be. Or we may donate it to a local Big Brothers/Big Sisters chapter.

I try to e-mail a notice that the review is done so that you can see it before it is posted. Just to make sure I have the technical info correct. I will post it 3 days after notification.

Shipping Address
Ship product samples to: c/o Bag

If you are interested in having your product reviewed, please read our Manufacturer's Info or contact us so we can answer any questions you may have and arrange the details. We are also available for design consultation. Just contact us at the email address above or call.