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Burton : Asylum Laptop Bag Review
 this is one cool looking bag. GREAT organizational features. Lots of smart compartments. Comfortable. Useful.

Brenthaven : Titanium 2 Review
Just like all Brenthaven products the construction is second to none as is the organizational features. Great size with attention to details. Superb protection for laptop.

Swiss Army : Ascent Trek Backpack
The Ascent Trek Pack follows in the footsteps of Swiss Army’s reputation. The bag i red overall with accents of black. The zippers are heavy duty and are embossed with the Swiss Army logo 

Uphill : University Computer Backpack
The backpack has two main compartments; one for the computer and one for your stuff. The laptop compartment is roomy enough that, even after the laptop is in there, there is still room for magazines, folders, etc.


Tom Bihn : Brain Backpack » Laptop Bag
On the front of the backpack there are three zippered compartments and a mesh pocket for a drink bottle. Inside the two lower compartments are smaller pockets to help organize and separate.

Targus Deluxe Sport Computer Backpack
The laptop compartment has a built in pocket with an elastic strap that stretches over the top of the computer and attaches to the pocket front. The laptop compartment is actually the only large compartment in the backpack. 

Boblbe-e : Megalopolis Backpack » Bag Review
The outside of the “shell” has slits to run a strap through that can be adapted to carry basketballs, shoes, in-line skates, a cat, all sorts of things. there are two ways to thread it and each offers a different kind of holding ability.

Brenthaven : Executive Backpack
From the moment I removed the backpack from the shipping box I could tell it was a kick butt product. Don’t get me wrong, you pay for all this quality in a big way. The retail for the Executive Backpack is $295.00. But believe me you are getting the Bentley of laptop backpacks.

K2 : Jiver Backpack » Bag Review
On the front there are pockets that can hold various items. All of the hardware I carry I can carry in the K2 Jiver. On the sides of the backpack is a mesh pocket for a drink bottle and a pocket for a cell phone or I carry my Apple Pro Mouse in it.

Sebastian Sinderman Ti-Bag Review
The largest pocket in the bag is actually not for the laptop. It is for magazines, books, note pad, etc. and I found this pocket to be extremely useful. I loved having it there.

SpireUSA : Icon Backpack Review
The backpack is made to hold the sleeve in it’s own compartment within the main area of the backpack. When using the sleeve in conjunction with the Icon, the sleeve’s closure flap velcros to the bag itself. 

Burton : Transfer Backpack
Burton did a kinda unique thing here. They used some sort of 21st century, Space Age Composite material. I think it’s rubber. Or vinyl. Or something. The rest of the backpack is made of ballistic nylon.

Ally Containment Company : Life » Backpack
The laptop compartment has a built-in neoprene sleeve that holds the computer. Thank God it was neoprene. My Powerbook was a TIGHT fit. If not for the fact that neprene stretches, it would not have fit.

Burton : Pipe Pack Backpack » Bag Review
The backpack was well made and some some well thought out features. There were a lot of hidden pockets and cubbies to stash your wares in. 

Clive : Worker Backpack » Bag Review
There are to main compartments that make up the bag, the front compartment that has dividers built in (which, by the way, I like) and the laptop compartment with that snazzy adjustable sleeve. 

Gravis Footwear : Process Bag Review
The process is made out of 600D 2-Tone poly fabric, has 25 liters of storage, and measures 50x27x20 cm. Overall the make of the bag looks to be every bit as good as the Metro.

Gravis Footwear : Metro Bag Review
The laptop holder is an integrated neoprene sleeve that is turned horizontally. What this means to you is that when you want to remove or insert the laptop in the backpack, you have to lay it down on it’s side and unzip it fully to access the computer.

Gravis Footwear : Prime Pack Bag Review
Our sample was black with a smart red interior. I say smart because I didn’t lose things in backpack as they traveled to the bottom the backpack. Waterfield Designs does this also...makes the interior of their bags yellow. 

Ogio Avalanche / Marware Laptop Sleeve
The Ogio is a great looking backpack that makes smart use out of different materials and textures which in turn, add to the overall “tech” look of this backpack. There was ample room for my whole list and I even felt stuff like my cables had a home designed just for them They liked that. 

This Ti-2 is an awesome backpack and worth every penny of it’s price. It is so well done that I’m keeping mine. Hear that Brenthaven? Your gonna have to come and get it.

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