Burton : Transfer

Pros Good looks. Super Comfortable. It fits a 12" iBook. Super Confortable.
Cons The rubber material might not stand up to "life's bumps"
Retail Price : $179.00

Burton : Transfer Backpack Review

An iBook backpack! I can’t believe it! Someone actually designed a backpack thst is damn near perfect for carrying a Dual USB iBook. Yeeeehawww.

The reason I am so excited is that I have a hard time finding cool looking bags that fit the iBook. Let’s be clear here though...I tested the backpack with my Powerbook G4. I used a sleeve from the Gravis Footwear Prime Pack since the supplied sleeve wouldn’t fit the PBG4. It does, however, fit the iBook.
Now... on to the review.

Burton did a kinda unique thing here. They used some sort of 21st century, Space Age Composite material. I think it’s rubber. Or vinyl. Or something. At first I didn’t think I would like it. Thought it looked cheap. But hey..as anyone who knows me will attest, I’ll admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong. It’s kinda a cool material and does help the aesthetic score somewhat. The rest of the backpack is made of ballistic nylon.

The laptop (in this case an iBook) fits into a sleeve that in turn fits into a pocket within the main compartment. It offers as good as protection as most other bags that are designed this way; the Prime Pack, Life, and others. This laptop pocket is against the padded back of the backpack so that adds some protection also.

laptop backpack review macbook

Organizational Features:
These were good considering that the overall size of the backpack isn’t so large. I had no problem fitting my list into the bag, including my digital camera. My list has changed somewhat so be sure to take a look. I now use a Newton 2100 as my PDA. Old school is cool. The sleeve itself has some pockets on it for pens, etc. The pocket on the front closes with Velcro. This is where I put the 2100. There was no mobile phone case supplied. Am I blue in the face yet?

The comfort was excellent. I couldn’t believe how great the shoulder straps felt. Maybe they were gel filled. Maybe they were just super soft neoprene. Alls I know is they rocked. Cudos there.

I like the color that was sent to me. It was Khaki and green (hell, maybe Burton calls it Moss) and the shoulder straps have black on them. Overall very classy.The lines are clean and uncluttered and I really like the shape of the bag. Nice.

Review Rating

Construction 7.5
Comfort 9.0
Organizational Features 8.0
Protection 8.0
Aesthetics 8.0