MacBook Bags

Shaun Jackson Laptrap Bag Review
The storage that the laptop has is minimal and this is intentional. This bag is not meant to carry all your digital gear. The side pockets are perfect fo cables and power supplies. I was also able to fit my PDA and a few other items here also.

B-Line Hardware Matrix Bag Review
Made out of nice thick ripstop nylon. The zippers are HEAVY DUTY. These were BIG. If this bag ever falls apart it won’t be because the zippers weren’t doing their job! The inside is quilted padded nylon for the laptop.

Swiss Army Webmaster Deluxe
The laptop sleeve is like none I have ever seen. It is made up of two hard sides, covered in ballistic nylon and padded on the inside. These two halves are held together by a crisscross of webbing along the bottom.

laptop backpack review macbook

Willow Design Jacques G4 Backpack
many parts of this bag can be removed, made smaller, made larger or rearranged to suit your needs. Even the methods of carrying it are many.

Samsonite Dominion Sport Backpack
On one side of the Dominion there is kinda a funky soft lined pocket. Not sure what it’s for but it’s there. On the other side is a drink bottle holder. There is no mobile phone carrier.

Chrome Blackbox Bag Review
This bag offers great protection for your 14inch iBook. Unfortunately, because of its narrow profile, it can’t really carry much else.

Tom Bihn G4 Eclipse Bag Review
The strap was great and didn’t slip once I put it on. I hate that...when a strap slips off all the time. As I said this one didn’t do that. My take from the web site is that the deluxe strap is extra.

Ogio City Corp Bag Review
There is a cell phone pocket on the front edge of the bag where it should be and the shoulder strap is removable as it should be, however the shoulder strap was a little on the flimsy side. I like substantial shoulder straps. But that could just be me.

Brenthaven Titanium-1 Bag Review
As all Brenthaven products are, the Titanium-1 (hereafter referred to as Ti-1) is constructed like a tank. The material is heavy duty as are the zippers, buckles, etc. The bag comes in only black and is available from Apple only.

Waterfield Design RacerX Bag Review
There are those few companies that you know produce a quality product. Apple Computer. Bentley Automotive, McIntosh Audio, and Waterfield Designs. I am a firm believer in W.D. I have been using their Large Cargo Bag with the Sleeve Case for over a year now and I still love it. It does it all.

Dana Design Suit Bag Review
The Suit has the some of the best organizational features of any bag we have tested. The main compartment where the laptop is stored also has two divvied pockets (kinda accord ian style) that can be used to carry files, papers, magazines, etc.