Tumi : Vesey Bag Review

Pros Well made. Great looking with a decent amount of room. Lots of protection.
Cons Shoulder strappad is sewn into the strap vs. loose and moveable.

Tumi : Vesey » Bag Review

I was excited to receive two offerings fro Tumi to review. Tumi is kinda the pinacle in bag circles. I betcha didn’t know there were bag circles did ya? Well...yea...there are. Geez I need a life. Anyway, Tumi has a great rep and there bags speak for themselves. They’re not cheap, but they are top quality. Tumi even offers a bag tracking service. There is a little barcode plaque riveted to the bag and if you lose the bag and it is returned to Tumi, they send it to you. That’s right, if you lose your $189.00 Tumi bag filled with your $2500 laptop with $300 worth of accessories, and someone sends the whole kit-a-kaboodle to Tumi they make sure you get it all back. I personally don’t have that much faith in humanity but I feel good that someone out there does.

The construction is top qulity. On par with Swiss Army, Brenthaven, etc. They use that ballistic nylon and even incorporate some leather looking material alond the bottom and as an accent on the front flap. I have no complaints in the construction department.

The laptop sits in a well padded sleeve that Velcros to the back of the bag. Let me say, the Velcro Tumi uses is STRONG. I had to wrestle the sleeve in and out. Trust me...the sleeve isn’t falling out. My only question; why didn’t the laptop sleeve have a closure flap on it? It could then be used as it’s own smaller carrier. it is open at the top. Admitidly it facilitates getting the laptop in and out, but I would sacrifice 4/10 of a second for an additional flap.

Organizational Features:
Very Good. I had no problem fitting my list in here. Tumi uses magnets to keep the pockets flaps closed. This is very cool. It alleviates snaps and Velcro and makes the closing of these flaps lightning quick. And have no fear...just as Tumi used the strongest Velcro on the face of the planet, the magnetic closures are strong.

The bags shape and size were great and this helped the comfort of the bags. What really hurt here was that the shoulder pad was sewn into the shoulder strap. This prevented me from carrying it across my chest like messenger bags should be carried. As I have said in the past, shoulder pads that are attached, in my opinion, severely limit how the bag can be carried. Not cool.

Tumi gave the bag an overall silver (platinum, pewter, whatever the current color buzzword is these days) which looks great. Especially with my Titanium Powerbook. I believe it would look equally as good with a black laptop also. The accents of the leather (real?) adds a touch of high end to the bags look.

As I suspected, this bags ranks high in most every department. The quality is in the top 5-10 bags I have used and the simple lines are refreshing. If you are looking for one of the best of the best (no, not Tom Cruise) look here. You won't be disappointed.