Waterfield Design : Large Cargo Bag / Sleevecase

Pros Well made. Great looking with copius amount of room. Lots of protection.
Cons Cell phone pocket in awkward position. Shoulder straps are not removeable.

Waterfield Design : Large Cargo Bag/Sleevecase

The Large Cargo bag is made of heavy black Ballistic Nylon and comes in several trim colors. The test unit was Lead. The bag is styled like a messenger bag. There is a heavy-duty zipper that holds the main compartment closed and two handles for carrying by hand. Opening the zipper reveals one large compartment that has room for all of my hardware plus some. On the back of the bag there is a slip pocket to hold papers, files, etc and has a Velcro closure.

Built into the walls of the back and bottom is a hard insert to further protect the contents. The main compartment has a side pocket to actually hold the computer in place and a suspended leather pocket system to hold my Visor Edge, Pro Mouse (when I carry it), business cards, etc. The side pocket inside is made for Waterford Designs SleeveCase. The entire inside is covered with yellow ripstop nylon which is not only is great looking but dark items don’t disappear into a black hole. The flap pocket on the front of the bag is held closed by an aluminum airline seat buckle. Nice.

In addition to the cargo bag I also tested the SleeveCase that fits in the side pocket of the Cargo Bag. The SleeveCase is made of neoprene and wrapped in Ballistic Nylon so that the Ti:G4 slides right in. The bottom of the SleeveCase has what Waterford Designs call “Lead Indium trim”. This trim also matches the trim on the Cargo Bag. The sleeve can be used on it’s own if you don’t need all the accessories and only need the computer. The sleeve is large enough to keep any PCMCIA cards that I may have installed and not get caught on the sleeve sides.

The strap is fairly comfortable and wide and comes with a well-padded shoulder pad that is removable. The shoulder strap is attatched permanently and cannot be removed.

I had only two gripes with this bag.

One is that the cell phone pocket should be at the other end. I think most people carry the bag hanging on their left side, which puts the cellphone pocket in the back rather than in front . Not very easy to access. Two—I wish the shoulder straps were removable. It would be nice to be able to carry the bag by the handles without dealing with the strap.

One last note. The customer service with Waterfield Designs was exceptional. Originally I was not shipped a shoulder strap pad. I called, and two days later I had it. No arguments. No "fax me your invice". It was refreshing.

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