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At Bag Review we will look at any bag or sleeve that is manufactured and sold to carry a laptop, netbook, or business cell phone. At Bag Review we want to help our readers learn about and consider bags that they can‘t go to a local store to see and touch. We’ll try to treat all the bag makers equally but at times readers may find that we‘ll seem to give priority to bag manufacturers whose products are consistently good and those whose sales policies and product warranty are Bag Review reader friendly.

We are also going to review accessories and tools that will make carrying a laptop and your belongings around easier, lighter, safer, and more convenient.


How will we obtain these bags? Two ways. The new Bag Review team has already started going out and buying bags from different manufacturers. All were purchased via the Internet; some from the manufacturer direct and others through Web retailers like Amazon, eBags, and others. We do also accept bags from manufacturers for review.

Once a review is posted we‘ll be looking for comments. We will select and post comments from our readers with priority given to those that own that bag or a similar bag from the same manufacturer. We will also post comments from the manufacturer.

Once we are done with the bag one of three things will happen. In some cases we will return the bag to the manufacturer. We will hold on to some bags letting either the original or another reviewer use them for an extended period of time. We plan on doing this in order to provide six month and one-year updates about how the bag held up.If the manufacturer wants the bag back we expect that they’ll tell us up front and provide a means of return shipping.

Why do we do this? Aside from the challenges of writing review, building the site, and trying to attract readers; we’re really just into this to have fun. We hope that our readers find the site and our writing useful. If you do and especially if you don’t; please let us know.