Gravis Footwear : Process

Pros Good looks. Very useful when teamed up with a laptop sleeve. Comfortable.
Cons Material could be heavier.
Retail Price : $179.00

Gravis Footwear : Process Review

This is a new offering from one of my favorite companies; Gravis Footwear. As far as I am concerned, no one else out there is truly trying to innovate with both design, functionality, and looks like Gravis. They got it go’in on!

The Process has good looks, clean lines and good organization. It is not a laptop backpack so I teamed it up with both the Spire Boot and the sleeve that comes with the Gravis Prime Pack. Both sleeve combinations worked well.

The process is made out of 600D 2-Tone poly fabric, has 25 liters of storage, and measures 50x27x20 cm. Overall the make of the bag looks to be every bit as good as the Metro. I liked the yellow ripstop Nylon on the inside of the bag. It also appears that the backpack has been waterproofed on the inside.

With the use of a separate sleeve, the protection was good. Not great. To be great, the sleeve would have to go into it’s own compartment. Instead, there is one main compartment so the laptop tended to move a little. However, since it was in a sleeve the laptop was safe. When I needed a basic daypack, the Process worked great with a lot of room for stuff.

Organizational Features:
There is the main compartment that I used to hold the laptop in the sleeve. I also carried books, papers, folders, a digital camera, etc. in here along with the laptop (in a sleeve of course). There are two vertical pockets on each side of the Process that I used to hold cables on one side, and my AC adaptor on the other. Worked pretty good. On the top of the backpack is a CD compartment with a built-in loop to hold a spare set of batteries. At least I think that what it was for. If not, it sure work great holding batteries! This compartment has a headphone port also. There are two vertical compartments on the front of the bag that I carried my Visor in and my checkbook/wallet.

Good comfort. Gravis has provided a sternum strap and the shoulder straps are long enough that they don’t ride high on my chest. I like that.

Again, Gravis does a great job of designing clean, simple lines in their bags. No mass of dangling straps. Simple. Nice.

This bag works great as combination backpack. As a daypack there was plenty of room for my stuff and in conjunction with a laptop sleeve makes a very decent laptop backpack. It’s not as high quality as the Ogio Pod, but it also costs half as much. team it with a laptop sleeve and you have a truly versatile backpack.

Review Rating

Construction 7.5
Comfort 8.0
Organizational Features 8.5
Protection (with a sleeve) 8.0
Aesthetics 8.5