Brenthaven : Titanium 2

Pros Just like all Brenthaven products the construction is second to none as is the organizational features. Great size with attention to details. Superb protection for laptop.
Cons Hmmmm. That damn mobile phone thing again (maybe if I martyr myself). Super corporate color scheme (Black. Black. Trimmed in black.).
Retail Price : $179.00

Brenthaven Titanium 2 Backpack review

Wow. Wow. Wow. 
If you read the review of the Titanium-1 then you will notice that this is the same way that review started off. Essentially the Titanium-2 is the backpack version of it’s sibling the Titanium-1 and as a result of this “kinsmanship” allot of the great features of the Ti-1 show up in the Ti-2. Also, if I get a little giddy during this review it’s because I just saw the web broadcast of Steve Jobs' Keynote. How about that iMac? Or 14” iBook? Is it hot in here?

Anyway, the Ti-2 is constructed much like the Ti-1. Same material, same stitching (as far as I can tell) same thoughtfulness in design. It has great storage facilities with compartments and pockets tucked here and there. Heck I had been using this backpack for about three days and actually discovered a new compartment. One that I was really glad of since it became my cable storage place.

The main laptop area has a vertical version of Brenthaven’s Powerbook sleeve, an accordion style file/paper area right in front of the laptop, and pockets for batteries, CD-ROMs, etc. against the front wall of this compartment. I really found the accordion style file/paper area to be very convenient to put magazines, note pads, etc. I also carried my digital camera here.

In front of the laptop compartment is a small zippered compartment that could be used to store a CD/MD player, a PDA ( I lost my Visor Deluxe so I didn’t get a chance to test with a PDA. Any donations or trades out there?), iPod etc. Keep in mind though there is no headphone port. Brenthaven. Are you listening? How about a headphone port? C’mon, it’s just a hole.

Hey, I just discovered another compartment! It snaps closed and is right in front of the above mentioned zippered compartment. Very cool. I’ve been using this backpack for a week. See what I mean. Anyway, in front of this is where pens, business cards, my Swiss Army Multi-tool, mobile phone, etc. go. There is a key clip here and the compartment zippers almost completely down for easy access.

There is also a “hidden” zippered space, albeit small, in front of this. On the bottom is yet another storage “bin” that could hold...well, I don’t know, something. On the sides of the Ti-2 are small open pockets but I can’t really see what these are for. A water bottle won’t fit, I wouldn't’t want to put my mobile phone there (too easily swiped from the back), so I don’t know. They look kinda’ cool.

One thing I REALLY like about this backpack is that it stands on it’s own. I mean literally. Like a little soldier.You set it down and it doesn’t flop over. Nice touch. Always at attention.

Brenthaven has succeeded in making a backpack that should give the Spire Icon a run for it’s money. I really love the Icon but I gotta say the Ti-2 is extremely well designed and has more storage. It is a tad bit larger but nothing that should overwhelm the back muscles. I do, however like the sleeve that comes with the Icon. As I have said, it is one of the best I have seen. It does not offer all the protection of the Brenthaven, but inside a well designed backpack, I’m not sure it needs to. I like the Icon sleeve because of it’s slimness. Is adds only a small bit of depth and width to the Ti:G4.

I wish Brenthaven would add some color accents to their products. That all black color scheme must be a corporate mandate.

This Ti-2 is an awesome backpack and worth every penny of it’s price. It is so well done that I’m keeping mine. Hear that Brenthaven? Your gonna have to come and get it.

There, that told’em.

Review Rating

Construction 9.0
Comfort 8.5
Organizational Features 9.5
Protection 9.0
Aesthetics 8.5