K2 : Jiver Backpack

Pros Very cool looking backpack and extremely comfortable straps. Lots of pockets and cubbies for storage.
Cons Weight of material could be heavier duty. Audio player pocket is awkwardly placed in relation to laptop pocket. No shoulder strap cell phone case.
Retail Price : $89.00

K2 : Jiver Backpack Review

This bag is made by K2 the surfboard, skate, company. I was skeptical at first but this backpack rocks!

There are three zippers at the top of the backpack. One opens a padded compartment that fits a Ti:G4 perfectly. The pocket actually suspends into the main compartment which is accessed by zipper number two. This compartment is a large open cavernous area to store a lot of anything. The third zipper opens a small pocket that can hold a CD player. This pocket is positioned at the top of the bag so that earphones can be connected to the CD player without removing the player from the pocket. This area is actually part of the padded flap that covers and protects the laptop from zipper number one.

On the front there are pockets that can hold various items. All of the hardware I carry I can carry in the K2 Jiver. On the sides of the backpack is a mesh pocket for a drink bottle and a pocket for a cell phone or I carry my Apple Pro Mouse in it.

One really unique feature of this backpack is the hard case CD/CD-ROM holder on the front. This hard case is attached to the backpack and has plastic sleeves for 20 CD/CD-ROMs. This is really convenient since I don’t have to open the backpack up to get to my music/DVD/CD-ROMs. It closes with a snap buckle.

The back is padded and the straps are very comfortable straps. One gripe is that it does not come with a cell phone pouch that attaches to the shoulder strap like other high-end backpacks do. There is not even a place to attach one.

Review Rating

Construction 7
Comfort 9
Organizational Features 9
Protection 7
Aesthetics 9