Gravis Footwear : Metro

laptop backpack review macbook
Pros Good looks. Very useful when teamed up with a laptop sleeve. Comfortable.
Cons Material could be heavier.
Retail Price : $179.00

Gravis Footwear : Metro Review

When I do a review, I have to keep in mind that the price point of a bag affects some of the aspects of what I rate. Construction, protection, etc. all cost more as the quality goes up. This bag is a perfect example of this.

The Metro has allot going for it but I have to keep in mind that it isn’t as expensive as the Gravis Footwear Prime Pack and therefore I can’t hold it the same standards. The Metro is a great basic bag. It looks good and has decent storage and decent laptop protection.

It’s made out of 420D Nylon Triple Ripstop with a waterproof coating. The bottom is 600D waterproof nylon. Straps are comfortable and the backpack has in integrated sternum strap which was (is) a nice touch.

It’s average. For accessories, CD/MP3/MD players, and books no problem. It has equally the same amount od protection as the rest of the field. As for the laptop compartment...well, Gravis did an odd thing. The laptop holder is an integrated neoprene sleeve that is turned horizontally. What this means to you is that when you want to remove or insert the laptop in the backpack, you have to lay it down on it’s side and unzip it fully to access the computer. The sleeve has a velcro strap that holds the laptop in the sleeve. It is very awkward and my Powerbook G4 If it had unzipped another 1/2 inch then there would have fit fine. I prefer the laptop area be accessed from the top, vertically, and that the laptop be carried vertically vs. sideways. What would have helped this bag would be if Gravis would include the same laptop sleeve with it as they do with the Prime Pack.

Organizational Features:
These tended to be very good. There were pockets top hold most everything I had on my list. And yes, it came with an outside cell phone holder.

The backpack is relatively com comfortable. The sternum strap helps out allot in this are. The backpack sat well on my back and I didn’t notice any pain when carrying it on one shoulder.

I like the looks of the Metro. It had clean simple lines and the blue and yellow colors I received worked and looked good together.

Overall this backpack has allot going for it. If Gravis would fix the built-in laptop sleeve so that it loaded from the top instead of the side or provide a sleeve with it and an area to slide this into, this would be a top notch backpack.

Review Rating

Construction 9.0
Comfort 8.5
Organizational Features 9.5
Protection 9.0
Aesthetics 8.5