B-Line Hardware : Matrix

Pros Simple solution for carting your laptop around. Has that retro Space 1999 look going.
Cons Needs more padding for protection. Strap needs to be replaced...NOW. No, yesterday.
Retail Price : $ 64.00

B-Line Hardware : MatrixThis was a new company for me and I was excited to received some of their “wares”. Some time ago a fellow e-mailed me about checking this bag out. I called and, after, 6 months finally received the Matrix. I was able to carry my Powerbook 667/DVI, SonyEricsson T68i phone, Headphones, AC Adapter, camera USB cabel, phone cable, and Daytimer.


Made out of nice thick ripstop nylon. The zippers are HEAVY DUTY. These were BIG. If this bag ever falls apart it won’t be because the zippers weren’t doing their job! The inside is quilted padded nylon for the laptop. There is only one compartment on the inside which is where the laptop sits. On the bottom of the bag is extra padding. The main zipper can be partially unzipped and have full access to the laptop from the top. This bag can also be fully unzipped and used right on your lap without removing the laptop. Kinda like the Laptrap.

If you think you may ever drop your laptop or you are clumsy, this is not the bag for you. I believe the damage to a latop would be...well...not pretty, let’s put it that way. I could be wrong. With that said, I carried the bag for two weeks, had no mishaps, and liked it. I always marvel at how light my Powerbook is when I amcarrying the minimum stuff.

B-Line Hardware : Matrix review macbook

Organizational Features
There are two large pockets on the front with velcro closure flaps. On the front of one of these is a smaller pocket. This is where I put my two cables. On the front of the second pocket is a place for pens. Inside that same large pocket is a small zippered mesh pocket. Behind all these is a velcro closured pocket that will fit magazines, etc. On the back is a small zippers pocket. I put receipts here.

Thje strap is not very comfortable. The shoulder pad is hardly a pad. I switched this strap out with another of the 684 I have laying on my floor and comfort improved greatly.

I really like the looks of the Matrix. The sample I recieved was silver and red with black accents. It looks sweet. Nice clean likes, no dangling straps. Hey, that’s why it got an 8.5 here.

B-line Hardware
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Review Rating

Construction 7.5
Comfort 6.0
Organizational Features 7.5
Protection 6.0
Aesthetics 8.0