Samsonite : Dominion Sport Backpack

Pros Good handel. Elastic shoulder strap is very comfortable even with a full load. Average protection.
Cons Extremely limited space. No real exterior pockets.
Retail Price : $ 100.00

Samsonite : Dominion Sport BackpackThe first thing I noticed about the Dominion Sport Backpack was how similar it was to the Brenthaven Executive Backpack, especially in styling. Not in construction of course since the Brenthaven is made like a Hummer.

Moving from the front to the back of the backpack, it has four compartments that get progressively larger as you move toward the back. The largest one is the laptop area. All throughout the backpack there were very well thought out pockets that had both room for storage an closures to keep whatever you put

On one side of the Dominion there is kinda a funky soft lined pocket. Not sure what it’s for but it’s there. On the other side is a drink bottle holder. There is no mobile phone carrier.

Samsonite : Dominion Sport Backpack review

The zippers have this grippy stuff on the makes it darn impossible to slip while pulling on them and it comes with a luggage lock for the laptop compartment zippers.

I wish Samsonite would have chosen a heavier material to construct this out of. It just feels thin I guess. A laptop sleeve would be nice to slide the computer into then put it into the backpack. If these two things were addressed, this would be competition for the Brenthaven Executive Backpack.

Overall it is still a very good backpack with more storage than U-haul.


Review Rating

Construction 7.5
Comfort 7.5
Organizational Features 8.5
Protection 7.5
Aesthetics 7.5