Brenthaven : Titanium-1

Pros Incredible construction. Lots of storage. Small and lightweight. Great laptop protection. fits the Ti:G4 like it was...well...made for it!
Cons The all black color is kinda too "all business". No phone pocket on outside and strap shoulder pad is not adjustable.
Retail Price : $ 149.00

Brenthaven : Titanium-1 bag reviewBrenthaven has done something incredible with the Titanium-1 bag. They have created what might possibly be the perfect bag for carrying your Ti:G4 laptop. I don’t know if I will be able to do it justice with words...but I’ll try.

As all Brenthaven products are, the Titanium-1 (hereafter referred to as Ti-1) is constructed like a tank. The material is heavy duty as are the zippers, buckles, etc. The bag comes in only black and is available from Apple only. I was able to take my whole list but #6 and 5 added a fair amount of bulk. and weight.

The compartment that carries the Ti:G4 has a removable sleeve for the laptop, pockets for accessories and accordion file for folders, notepads, magazines or whatever. The sleeve fits the Ti:G4 perfectly. I at no time felt that my computer wasn’t completely protected. This sleeve is great. Simply put. The accessories pocket here hold the Ti:G4 AC adaptor and power cord, a spare battery, and various media. All this is designed specifically for the Ti:G4.

The next major compartment holds stuff like pens, CD-ROMs, business cards, mobile phone, etc. There is plenty of organizational features here and the whole area zips open to lay flat so actually retrieving these items is easy.

The handles.

The handles are something to behold. Extremely comfortable and reinforced with actual rods (whatever those are) and are covered with non-slip, moisture wicking material. Cool, eh?

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There were two points that I would change on this bag however.

One is the strap. I think that the majority of users would wear this bag either off one shoulder or across the chest. This can’t be done with the current strap. The shoulder pad needs to be separate from the strap so that it can be repositioned when the bag is across the chest. The second point is that there is no outside mobile phone pocket. Having to stop, unzip the front pocket to fish out my phone is really a pain. Either a pocket on the bag somewhere or supply/offer and phone pouch that attaches to the strap.

Let me say that I cannot imagine a better bag for carrying the TI:G4 around in. The Titanium-1 is strong, protective, small and lightweight. This is an awesome product.

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Bellington WA 98225
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Review Rating

Construction 10
Comfort 8
Organizational Features 9
Protection 9.5
Aesthetics 8.5