Shaun Jackson : Laptrap

Pros Great construction and nice looks. I liked how the laptop could be used without totally removing it from the bag.
Cons No outside mobile phone access. Barrier between lid and laptop would offer extra sense of protection from scratches.
Retail Price  :  $59.00 + 9.95 (strap)

Shaun Jackson : LaptrapShaun Jackson is one of those names I hear alot in bag circles. I’ll bet you didn’t know there were bag circles. Anyway, the company has a great reputation for making smart, well made laptop bags. Our sample was the Laptrap. Let’s see what it’s all about...


The Laptrap is made of 1000 denier urethane coated cordura. This is a material that forms a thermal barrier between the laptop and user. The bag weighs 2.5 lbs. and all webbing is 1000 lb. military sec (whatever that means).


The protection is pretty good. The Laptrap will fit most large screen laptops and we had no problem with our Powerbook G4. There is some padding in the laptop compartment but wheter a laptop could withstand a drop from shoulder height is questionable. The inside top “lid” has slots for CD and DVD media. I had some concerns over this since there was no barrier between the CD/DVD and the top of my laptop. I was concerned that my laptop would be scratched from the CD/DVD. I placed a piece of cloth between the laptop and lid for extra protection.

Organizational Features:

Shaun Jackson : Laptrap review macbook

The storage that the laptop has is minimal and this is intentional. This bag is not meant to carry all your digital gear. The side pockets are perfect fo cables and power supplies. I was also able to fit my PDA and a few other items here also. Keep in mind, again, this bag isn’t designed to carry everything. Just the necessities, which it does very well. I did try it out in a normal backpack and it worked, but is kinda bulky for this. I think there are better solutions if you are going to put your laptop in a non-laptop backpack.


Overall the comfort was very good. I had a shoulder strap and it worked well. I also carried the Laptrap by the top handle a couple of times which was fine also.


I think the color scheme I received was pretty classy. I had the Wasabi and Black and really liked it. The feel of the Laptrap reminds me of what Waterfield Designs does with their colors. Ans that’s a “very good thing”.

The Laptrap is a great bag for carrying the basics plus some. It has good looks and is easy to use. I wish there was some barrier between the top and the laptop to prevent the CD/DVDs from scratching the laptop. I also wanted a mobile phone carrier either built in or as an add-on to the strap.

Review Rating

Construction 8.5
Comfort 8.0
Organizational Features 8.0
Protection 7.0
Aesthetics 8.5