Dana Design : Suit

Pros Good construction. Lots of smart organizational features. Good overall protection.
Cons Where's the cell phone pocket/pouch? Pricey.
Retail Price : $ 189.00 w/sleeve

Dana Design : Suit Dana Designs are well known for making great camping/hiking backpacks and tents. They also make an equally good laptop bag.

The Suit could be the best kept secret for a Powerbook G4 bag around. The inner sleeve fits the Ti:G4 perfectly and offers alot of protection. The sleeve is removable and can be used on it’s own if need be.

The Suit has the some of the best organizational features of any bag we have tested. The main compartment where the laptop is stored also has two divvied pockets (kinda accord ian style) that can be used to carry files, papers, magazines, etc. There are also three large pockets sewn into the side of the bag that I used to carry my G4 AC Adaptor, ny cables, and my Zip 250. In place of the AC adaptor I could have put an extra battery there. On top of all this, I was still able to put books and my digital camera in here. Awesome. There is also a hard bottom that keeps it’s shape so it will sit on the ground and not fall over.

The front of the bag has a zip down panel that exposes a vast array of organizational pockets, slots, and holders. One aspect I really liked here was that Dana Designs has designed areas specifically for a PDA and a mobile phone. There are even little tags to clue you in. Lots of storage!


On the rear of the bag there is a padded insert to provide stiffness and protection to the contents and a pocket to store quick access papers, magazines, tickets, etc.

The shoulder strap is removable so that the Suit can be used as a briefstyle bag. The shoulder strap could use a little more attention. It connect to the bag in an awkward way bay snapping onto the front and rear of the bag. It just didn’t wear great. it wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t as great as the rest of the bag.

Overall, this is one fantastic bag. Like I said in the beginning the Suit could be the best kept secret to carry a Titanium around in. It looks great, has massive amounts of storage, and fits the Ti:G4 perfectly. I can’t say enough good things about this bag.

Go get one.

Review Rating

Construction 8.5
Comfort 8.5
Organizational Features 9
Protection 9
Aesthetics 9