Tom Bihn : G4 Eclipse

Pros Well made. Lightweight and comfortable to use. I liked the simplicity of the design and color usage.
Cons No outside cell phone pocket or PDA pocket. Deluxe strap extra.
Retail Price : $ 85.00 / Strap $ 15.00

Tom Bihn : G4 Eclipse

The G4 Eclipse is a laptop case made specially for the Powerbook G4. The case is extremely well made and very simple in design.

At first I was skeptical going into this bag. I was used to having my stuff with me and I was afraid I would miss it all. This bag is not designed for carrying ALOT of stuff. It holds it’s own in the storage department, but it is a physically smaller bag.

I was able to carry #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11 from my list. Not bad.

There is one zipper on the top of the bag. One. That’s it. Open this zipper and you are greeted with a padded laptop pocket that the G4 Titanium slides easily into and sits, well protected from the world around it.

There is one flap on the front of the bag that is held shut with a large clip buckle. Under the flap is a zippered pocket, organizational pockets for pens, PDA, etc., and an open pocket for other storage. On the back of the bag is a slip pocket for plane tickets, checks from Grandma or lunch money.

My review model was black and silvery in color (like the picture). It didn't turn heads but some may like that.

The strap was great and didn’t slip once I put it on. I hate that...when a strap slips off all the time. As I said this one didn’t do that. My take from the web site is that the deluxe strap is extra.

One last thing I want to mention. The price. I think the price of this bag is right on! For what you are getting with this bag from quality to warranty to usability, $85.00 is a great price for a high end bag like this one.

As I mentioned earlier in the review, I was kinda leery about a smaller bag. What I discovered, on the other hand, was that I kinda liked not having to lug all that stuff around. The bag was MUCH lighter and much easier to handle. This was due in part to the lack of crap I had with me and the fact that the bag is smaller physically than what I normally carry. The smaller bag forced me to slim down. It worked.

Now I have to I stay slim?

One quick note...Tom Bihn notified me that they also have a version of the G4 Eclipse for the new iBook dual USB. It's something to check out if you have one of these awesome laptops.

Tom Bihn

Review Rating

Construction 9
Comfort 8
Organizational Features 7
Protection 8
Aesthetics 8