Ogio : City Corp.

Pros Very Good ergonomics and lots if storage.
Cons Lightweight material. Shoulder strap could be better made. Handles need some sort of covering on them. Graphic elements are kinda cheesy.
Retail Price : $ 79.00

Ogio City Corp bag reviewThe Ogio City Corp is a briefcase style computer bag that doesn't’t really look like a computer brief at all. It is made from ripstop nylon and is available in two colors, black and blue. The test bag was black.

My first reaction was how lightweight the bag is. I thought it was going to be a little heavier from the photos I had seen.

One interesting aspect of this computer bag is that the computer compartment is on the front of the bag, not the inside as usual. It is fully padded and despite my initial misgivings, I never really felt that my laptop was in any danger. I will say that getting to the laptop was much easier since I only had to unbuckle two clips and I could just reach in and pull it out. I didn't’t even have to remove it from my shoulder to do this. On the front of this pocket are two small mesh pockets. I’m not sure what these are for since they are so small. maybe a wallet or keys or plane/bus tickets or a mini disc player or floppy disks (do people still use those)?

One feature I have come to appreciate in any bag is having the computer compartment lined with something that is slick so that my laptop just slides easily in. The Ogio had this “feature” and it was a cinch to insert it into the padded area.

On the flap that covers the computer there is a small zipped pocket that I used to store my Visor Edge. It was extremely convenient to be able to reach down, unzip the pocket and retrieve my Visor all with one hand. Nice!

Ogio City Corp MacBook review

There are two main zippers on the top of the bag. One accesses a compartment with a larger storage compartment and three hanging pockets, much like the Waterfield Designs bag. The second zipper opens a divided compartment that can be used to hold and organize papers, folders, reports, etc.

There is a cell phone pocket on the front edge of the bag where it should be and the shoulder strap is removable as it should be, however the shoulder strap was a little on the flimsy side. I like substantial shoulder straps. But that could just be me.

The looks of this bag are pretty good. The zippers are silver colored and have sewed on zipper pulls. No losing these. The black bag is trimmed in gray/silver and some of this is reflective. The accent color, other than silver, is yellow which I must say ads a techie feel to the bag over all. Under the front flap above the computer there is a strip of fabric that has all sorts of techie looking stuff embroidered on it as well as another smaller patch with the look. It works pretty good.

Overall I really like the ergonomics of this bag and except for the shoulder strap using it was fairly easy and comfortable.

Ogio Sport
14926 Pony Express Rd.
Bluffdale, UT 84065
800-922-1944 (General Info)
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Review Rating

Construction 7
Comfort 7
Organizational Features 9
Protection 7
Aesthetics 7