Best Prices of the Year on Skooba Bags

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Skooba Designs is running a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale now through Monday featuring 30% off orders of $100 or more and free UPS Ground shipping. This looks like a fantastic deal that is even lower than regular pricing through large online stores. Skooba is one of the few laptop bag companies that color variations for women. Be sure to check out the new Skooba laptop bags collection.

If you are stuck trying to find a stocking stuffer or inexpensive present for someone who walks around with a laptop bag; here is a list of inexpensive and unique gifts that can be ordered via Amazon. Several of these suggestions are available from multiple vendors and should be available right through the end of the year. When you are purchasing anything online always check the shipping costs. Most of these ship for $5 or less.

What happens after you have been using your laptop on battery for while? Traveling laptop users are often challenged to find a working power outlet where they can plug in and recharge. Belkin helps out by making this small wall mount surge protected outlet that turns one plug into three. This Belkin Wall Mount Mini Surge with USB Charger’s green LED lets you know right away if the outlet has power. It plugs into the outlet sideways so it doesn’t block the second outlet.

Best Prices of the Year on Skooba Bags

If you have ever wanted to quickly share a file with someone you know that it can sometimes be hard to find and then make room on USB thumb drive. It helps to carry 1-2 inexpensive blank USB drives like this SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive SDCZ6-8192-A11 or this SanDisk 512 MB Cruzer Micro with U3 ( SDCZ6-512-A10, Retail Package).

Making sure that your laptop and bag doesn’t get carried away by someone else is often a challenge. This Eagle Creek Lock & Cable can secure your bag and its content to something and make your bag that much harder to be stolen.

No matter how many USB ports your laptop comes with there will always be a time when you need at least one more. This Targus ACH74US Ultra Mini USB 2.0 4-Port Hub is small and looks and works great when traveling.

What happens when it doesn’t fit in your laptop bag? Or worse what happens when you have something that you don;’t want to put in with your laptop because its dirty or wet? This mesh bag Rampage 9018 Stow Away Mesh Bag with Carabiner Clip Mount folds up and fits into a pocket in any laptop bag. It comes with a clip so that when needed it can be easily attached to the outside of your laptop bag.

When in doubt you can always go the route of giving an Amazon Gift Card .


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    The whole idea is making sure that nothing (Cables, keys, change, etc) is on top or bottom of the laptop. That way our x-ray operators get a clean image.
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