Laptop Bags Gone Pink!

It was First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who said “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”. Making decisions and especially big decisions can be difficult and scary. The folks at Rainebrooke Designs have probably been there recently . You see Rainebrooke has turned pink. According to at post yesterday on their corporate blog they’ll be offering pink laptop bags and cases in a variety of styles. If you are looking for colors other than pink check out their “Sale” page.

So why is this important? If you look at the laptop bag offering from some of the best known companies you’ll find no shortage of black laptop bags. Rainebrooke Designs is clearly going after a larger chunk of the woman’s laptop bag and sleeve market. From my view that looks like an under served market and I wish them luck!

laptop backpack pink red


Looking for laptop bag warranty stories…

Calling all laptop bag owners! Some laptop bags seem to last forever. Others last forever because the manufacturer stands behind their product. We are starting work on a new section at BagReview that will compare some of the warranties that various bag manufacturers offer. We would be interested in hearing from folks who have had good, bad, and so-so experiences with their laptop bags. Drop a note to [email protected]. You’ll need to tell us the manufacturer, the type of bag, and approximately when you have to use the warranty. If you are a manufacturer and want to contribute or comment; please do!