Organizing the small stuff…

Rachel Rachel Amber

There is an interesting discussion going on over in the edcforums. This discussion is about smaller bags that go with your bag to sort out the smaller items. I know I use bags from a number of sources (Cabela’s) to keep my small tools, writing implements, cables and connectors organized. The edcforums (edc stand for Every Day Carry) have been around for a while and are almost completely donation supported. JonSidneyB (also known as J.S. Burly) is the founder and moderator. JS has surrounded himself with a great supporting staff. The forums cover a lot of topics and let the casual urban dweller be warned much of what is discussed about guns and knives and such won’t play well in today’s Homeland Security age. Check out his other site; J.S. Burly’s shop where you can find great flashlights, knives, and tools.

Every Day Carry laptop backpack


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