TSA Approved Bags Arriving Shortly?

Rachel Rachel Amber

USA Today reported that starting today airline passengers moving through US Transportaion Security Administration (TSA) security at airports with new “checkpoint” friendly” laptop cases might not have to remove their laptop from their bag or case. As pointed out in the article the TSA is not “certifying or approving laptop cases, brands or styles”. They do seem to be leaving it to the discretion of of the staff at the checkpoint in part based on whether they can get a clear picture of what is in the bag via X-ray. The only problem is that the TSA screener can still ask you to take the laptop out of the bag and run both through the X-ray again. The article mentions that a spokeman for Briggs & Riley commented that they will start embroidering a “checkpoint friendly” label on their cases; and that he worries that other manufacturers will start adding such labels to all their bags.

Here is the US TSA press release concerning “checkpoint friendly” bags.

TSA Approved Bags laptop


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