Checkpoint friendly bags? Not so much.

Now that the TSA has issues guidelines for “checkpoint friendly” computer bags I thought we’d look around the web and try to gauge the public reaction.

PC Magazine reviewed 8 bags back in August.

Laptop magazine says in their article that a PC in the bag was accepted at 3/4 airports without any query by TSA. At a forth airport the writer pointed out that the bag was “checkpoint friendly” when asked to remove the laptop; and allowed to pass.

The folks over at the TSA blog, “The Evolution of Security” have this good article. It’s an overall positive review of the “new laptop bag procedures” and features links to some press on the topic.

I guess what I found most interesting was that many folks are able to use their existing bag and work within the new TSA screening guidelines to get through US airport security faster.

TSA Checkpoint-friendly laptop bags

The reaction to some of the new bags that are marketed as “checkpoint friendly” wasn’t at all what I expected. ZDNet has an article that includes a review of a great looking new Tom Bihn bag. What was most interesting to me was the reader feedback. As with anything reviewed; not everyone likes the bag. Other comments pointed out that some folks are just using their existing bags and finding that the new screening procedure is more friendly.


  1. Bob says:

    Nice post! I think it is great that folks are able to use their old laptop bags. Some of these cool new bags make it easier to travel, but if the guidelines are followed, you can use your old bag or buy a new bag while staying on budget. The whole idea is making sure that nothing (Cables, keys, change, etc) is on top or bottom of the laptop. That way our x-ray operators get a clean image.

    No real reason for posting… Just buzzing from my coffee and wanted to say howdy.


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