Brenthaven Pro / Duo 15

Backpack Brenthaven Pro 15 17

The Brenthaven Duo (also sold as the Brenthaven Pro) is a black backpack style laptop bag. The Pro’s dimensions are 18” H x 14” W x 8” D (40” around). This bag is constructed out of heavyweight ballistic Nylon outside and satin-like nylon inside. Exterior is black and the interior is black or gun metal grey and this bag comes in that one color scheme. The fabric doesn’t show dirt or dust and wears very well. Overall the bag is very well constructed. All seams are tight. An insert section in the laptop compartment can be removed for cleaning. Otherwise clean up is hand wash with mild soap and hang dry.

Brenthaven is one of a handful of luggage companies that offers a lifetime warranty on their products. Included with the product are a product warranty card and registration mailer. If you lose that they included the companies’ 800 phone number on a tag inside the bag. Quite frankly given the construction that went into this bag I think it will be hard to ever have to use the that warranty. It is extremely well made.

The Pro features five pockets: a large lockable, top load laptop pocket; a large top load document pocket with divider; a wide and thin pencil or ID pocket at the top of the front; a good sized front pocket with additional pockets inside; and a wide equipment pocket near base.

Brenthaven Pro / Duo 15

As a backpack the Pro features very well padded mesh back and non-removable, well-padded, adjustable shoulder straps. There is a large comfortable handle on the top of the bag. The zippers are all large and clear of any fabric overhang or coverage. The Pro also features a fabric loop on the side of the bag for luggage tag or carabineer. There is a small Brenthaven tag on the side of the laptop pockets and a small Brenthaven fabric tag on the shoulder strap. The front pocket has another Brenthaven fabric tab with the manufacturers phone number and cleaning instructions on the back. Also the gunmetal colored satin-like fabric on the insides of the pockets bears the manufacturers names and logo.


The Pro is available everywhere. Brenthaven sells it’s products through many stores and channels. Amazon and eBags pricing are probably the lowest priced stores as they buy in large quantities.

This is a big looking bag that is easy to wear. Given the construction and protection offered when loaded this bag is not light. The backpack straps and mesh back make this bag very comfortable to wear. While not waterproof; nothing inside got wet after walking with this loaded backpack for several blocks in the rain.

The patent pending “Core Protect” system is a great feature. The foam inserts around the laptop compartment can be adjusted to accommodate different sized laptops. Our Mac Book Pro 15” was very well protected in this bag. The laptop compartment features a lockable zipper.

This bag can stand when being loaded. Laptop is easy to get in and out. The bag was hard to overload. When that document section and the front pocket is too full the zippers won’t close.

The Pro fits well on or behind the seat in the car. Laying it back side down this bag didn’t roll around the trunk of the car. This bag fits easily in airline overhead storage and likely fit well under the seat in front of you. The top loading compartments are handy for getting items in and out when under the seat.


Upside is that this is probably the best man’s backpack style computer bag on the market today. It offers great construction and protection for a very reasonable price.


There were a couple of downside points here. First off is that this bag only comes in one color scheme. One color scheme seems to be the Brenthaven way. Some people are not going to like black and gunmetal for very long. Another issue is that this bag is very popular. I have attended meetings where three or four people in the room have this same bag. I had a NY Yankees patch sewn to the bag to tell mine apart. Lesson learned is that it would be difficult if not impossible to get this bag embroidered unless it came from the manufacturer during construction. It would be nice if the manufacturer designed in some way to easily customize your own bag.


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