Waterfield Suede Jacket for Moto Droid

Rachel Rachel Amber

Sometimes you wonder what manufacturers were thinking of when they design a product. Some of the cases that we here at Bag Review see rolling out for mobile devices add so much size and weight for the sake of “protection” that when in use make it so the device really isn’t that mobile anymore. If you are looking for a case that provides minimal protection and helps improve the usability of your mobile, check out the Waterfield Design’s Suede Jacket for the Motorola Droid.

Waterfield Suede Jacket

Waterfield Suede Jacket

WaterField’s Suede Jacket cases are form-fitted to a particular mobile device so each stays snug for better protection. The Suede Jacket for the Droid is made from soft, scratch-free Ultrasuede ™ which protects the phone from scrapes and small, accidental bumps. Simply slide in the Droid when not in use, and pinch the bottom of the case to easily retrieve it when it is needed again. When necessary, the Suede Jacket can double as a screen cleaner.

It’s also important to note the price. The Suede Jacket starts at $9 and you’ll pay $12 for one with a pocket.

The Suede Jacket is manufactured in the US and can be ordered direct from WaterField Designs (www.sfbags.com).


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