Uphill : UniversitY

Pros Cost at $69.00. Simple and roomy. Decent laptop protection. Removable laptop sleeve. Heavy-duty zippers and material is sturdy.
Cons No outside mobile phone access. Laptop sleeve needs to have a flap to completely cover computer so none is exposed.
Retail Price : $69.00

Uphill University Computer Backpack Review

When I first saw this backpack my impression was that it looked too simple. Not enough pockets, compartments, etc. Then I thought about the Spire Icon. It’s the same way. Which led me to the conclusion that this backpack would be a great alternative to the Icon if the Icon is too expensive for your budget. Yea, construction is not as good as the Icon, and the Icon’s sleeve is better, but the Icon costs $130.00. The University Computer backpack costs $69.15 (don’t ask me why there is 15¢ on the end of that). That’s some difference.

The backpack has two main compartments; one for the computer and one for your stuff. The laptop compartment is roomy enough that, even after the laptop is in there, there is still room for magazines, folders, etc.

laptop backpack review macbook

The second compartment has basic organization pockets such as pen holders, key clip, etc. There is also a small amount of room here for cables, CD-ROMs and the like.

On the front of the backpack is a fairly large zippered pocket for even more storage. I put my cables here.

I think this is a superb backpack and perfect for a limited budget like a student might have. This backpack is simple but has allot of room, has a padded back, decent shoulder straps all for $69.15. The price to feature ratio is hard to beat here.

Review Rating

Construction 7.5
Comfort 8.0
Organizational Features 8.5
Protection 8.5
Aesthetics 8.0