Sebastian Sinderman Ti-Bag

Pros Good design. Comfortable to wear. Good organizational features. Great price to feature ratio.
Cons Shoulder (chest) strap needs a "back-up system"
Retail Price : $39.95

Sebastian Sinderman Ti-Bag Review

The Ti-Bag was developed by Sebastian Sindermann just for the G4 Titanium Powerbook. It is an over-the -shoulder sling style bag that is worn on your back. It comes in many colors. The sample we received was black.

When I opened the shipping container I was surprised by the quality of the Ti-Bag No, it’s not a Brenthaven or Waterfield Designs or Tom Bihn but it also doesn’t cost anywhere near these bags either.

I was able to carry #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 and 11 from my list.

This bag is not design to carry allot of stuff. It is a smaller bag with enough room for most anyone. As I was loading the bag up for the trial week I noticed how simpler this process was with the Ti-Bag Sindermann sends a sheet along to describe how he packs the bag, which I would assume it the way he designed for it to be packed.

The largest pocket in the bag is actually not for the laptop. It is for magazines, books, note pad, etc. and I found this pocket to be extremely useful. I loved having it there. This area also serves as added protection for the Ti:G4. There was also a hanging pocket in here that I used to hold my cables and headphones.

The next pocket was for the Ti:G4. It fits like a glove in here and is padded from three sides. Remember, the back of this pocket is the front of the magazine pocket. The Ti:G4 slid easily into and out of this compartment.

In front of the laptop pocket was a place for pens, etc. and another zippered pocket. The flap also had zippered area I used to hold my Visor Edge.

On the chest/shoulder strap there is a phone pouch that, due to some great foresight, is repositionable along the strap. If any of you have read my other reviews, I am a big proponent of outside phone holders and this one worked well. I also want to mention that was a very comfortable bag to wear. It fits high on the back and feels good.

I have one concern. My concern is how the chest/shoulder strap is held in place. It uses only velcro. I was never completely convinced that I was safe from it coming loose. This is an easy , fairly inexpensive fix; attach a clip buckle on each part of the strap. After the strap is velcroed, the buckle can be engaged and then if the velcro fails I have a buckle as a backup. In have a bag to be reviewed from Germany and they do this. I want to see Ti-Bag v. 2.0.

For $39.95, this is a very well thought out bag and offers comfort, reasonable protection, and style. Simply put you can’t beat the feature to cost ratio.

Sebastian Sindermann
2265 River Run Dr.
San Diego, CA 92108

Review Rating

Construction 7.5
Comfort 8.0
Organizational Features 8.0
Protection 7.5
Aesthetics 8.0