Brenthaven : Executiv

Pros Incredible construction. Very comfortable. Lots of storage. Great laptop protection.
Cons The all black color is kinda old. Laptop sleeve is very deep and makes bag seem heavy.
Retail Price : $295.00

Brenthaven : Executive Backpack Review

Wow!  At first I considered that one word being the entire review but thought better of it. Brenthaven did, after all, go to the trouble of sending the backpack out to me. 

I have always believed that Brenthaven bags were some of the best in the world. This backpack proves it.

If Martha Stewart ever designed a military tank here’s what I think it would be. It would be sturdy, look fashionable and have lots of organizational features like her closets. If you took the MSTank (MarthaStewartTank) and put it on your back it would be the Brenthaven Executive Backpack.

From the moment I removed the backpack from the shipping box I could tell it was a kick butt product. Don’t get me wrong, you pay for all this quality in a big way. The retail for the Executive Backpack is $295.00. But believe me you are getting the Bentley of laptop backpacks.

Enough ranting, on with the review...

I was able to carry all of my list with nary a problem.

There are two main compartments. One holds the laptop inside of a computer sleeve and the other holds your stuff. Both are large. The computer pocket has velcro and a pocket to hold the laptop sleeve in place. The protection is...well...Brenthaven. This pocket also has room for file folders, magazines, etc.

The other pocket has two smaller pockets sewn into the back of the pocket. I put my ZIP250 in one of these pockets and my HP digital camera in the other. The rest of the pocket has plenty of room for power adaptors, magazines, etc. Against the front of this pocket is a separate area for, well, I never really figured out what it was for, but it’s there none-the-less.
There is the obligatory pocket for pens, pencils, rulers, notes from the teacher, etc. and yet another pocket right on the front. Come to think of it there may be pockets I haven’t even found yet.

I’m going talk about a few of the features that I liked. The business card pocket has a clear front which I found classy. There is a hook for keys. Nice. The small pocket on the front was very convenient for quick grab things like my Visor Edge or phone. The straps are extremely comfortable. Even more so than the K2 Jiver and I never thought I'd ever say that.

I didn’t really like the way the laptop sleeve was made. It was really thick, depth wise, not padding wise, and I felt like I was carrying around allot of extra weight. I wasn’t but that was my perception. And you know what they say...“Perception is reality”. The Aesthetics were VERY business. No accent colors, no flash or zing. Just business. Maybe an accent color? Whadd'ya say?

As I wrap this up I want to say that I get the feeling that Brenthaven has put thought into EVERY detail of this bag. There are pockets in pockets in pockets. Cubbies in cubbies in cubbies. And massive amounts of protection for the laptop. This backpack is first rate. None better. I could even be persuaded to give up my K2 for it.

300 Harris Avenue
Bellington WA 98225
360-671-0495 (F)

Review Rating

Construction 10
Comfort 9.0
Organizational Features 9.0
Protection 9.0
Aesthetics 8.0